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"Foundations of IT Service Management with ITIL 2011" - PDF Version

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Learn ITIL the Easy Way

Available here in PDF and on Amazon in paperback and Kindle, "Foundations of IT Service Management" has been used by thousands of individuals and universities to help them prepare for the ITIL® (aka ITIL® v3) Foundation exam.

"Foundations of IT Service Management" covers all of the topics required for the exam and summarizes each chapter with easy-to-follow key points. Chapter review questions, modeled after the real exam questions, reinforce your learning for each unit.

Paperback and Kindle available on! 

The publication of the IT Infrastructure Library® (ITIL®), published in July, 2011, introduces several new processes and concepts that are paramount to the success of IT Service Management within an organization. As IT evolves from a technology provider to a service provider to a true partner of the business, the concepts of Service Management become ever more important to allow the business to excel in a competitive environment.

Paperback and Kindle available on! 

This book, "Foundations of IT Service Management with ITIL® 2011", provides the reader with foundations-level knowledge of the concepts of the IT Infrastructure Library® for both ITIL® v3 and ITIL® 2011 preparing the reader to achieve success on the ITIL® Foundations certification exam as well as gain new insight on how IT can truly meet the needs of the business. These concepts help IT align to the needs of the business.

The ITIL Foundations exam is primarily focused on memorization of key concepts and terms. For those that have been in IT for several years or more, its simply a matter of redefining many of the things you already know.

"Foundations of IT Service Management" presents these concepts in an easy-to-read format by following a restaurant case study. In each unit in the book, specific challenges are presented for the restaurant and address with ITIL's guidance. After each unit, review questions are presented to reinforce the learning.

Did you know:

  • There are 1000's of job openings that require ITIL Foundation certification?
  • If you are ITIL Foundation certified you are less likely to be laid off?
  • ITIL certification is not technology specific which allows for easier lateral and upward movement in an organization?
  • Understanding ITIL helps you to understand the business - regardless of the company

Who should read it?

IT Practitioner (Service Desk staff, Network Administrators, Server Administrators, etc.)

"Foundations of IT Service Management" was primarily written for those seeking to obtain their ITIL Foundation certification. IT Practitioners will find the guidance in the book very useful to help them pass their ITIL Foundation exam.

IT Managers (Network Manager, Directors, etc)

Managers and directors find "Foundations of IT Service Management" very insightful into what is possible in their IT organization. While Managers and Directors may not be seeking certification, through ITIL awareness they often find more effective ways of approaching IT to ensure they can meet the needs of their customers - the business. This ITIL awareness is often followed up with training for their staff.

IT Leadership (CIO)

CIOs are constantly challenged with how to ensure that IT supports the business and does not hinder the business. "Foundations of IT Service Management" helps the CIO understand what is possible from a staff level as well as the organizational level. This awareness of ITIL as well as their experience can help them approach IT from a business perspective.

College Graduates seeking employment in IT

If you didn't learn about ITIL in college and are seeking employment in IT, you should learn about it. Whether you choose "Foundations of IT Service Management" or another means of learning, ITIL and its grammar are an increasing requirment to be able to "speak the language" of IT. Understanding how your potential employer communicates is a great first step in establishing a dialog to help you get the job you want. You must have awareness of ITIL in most IT jobs today.