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Brady's Blog About ITIL

Can a problem be logged for an open incident?

Posted by Brady on Jul 19th 2018

Absolutely. There are times when a series of incidents may be caused by a single problem. As the Service Desk strives to resolve the incidents, a back-end support team may be performing root cause ana … read more

What should I look for in a Change Manager?

Posted by Brady on Jul 19th 2018

Good question. Every organization struggles with changes. This is because changes introduce risk to our services as well as the political considerations for changes. Just because one person in an orga … read more

New application development as a Service Request?

Posted by Brady on Jul 19th 2018

Every IT organization provides what I call Professional Services to the business. These Professional Services are very similar to a consulting organization providing services to their clients. Each ti … read more

What is the difference between a pilot and a deployment?

Posted by Brady on Jul 19th 2018

In short, deployment is a set of activities to move a service or change to a service into production. A pilot, on the other hand, is a form of a test. Pilots themselves can be deployed through our dep … read more