Study-And-Learn-IntroITIL certifications are growing in demand. This is because the business demands more from IT to achieve business objective. IT needs people who understand the concepts of service management and can ensure that business objectives can be met. To see how popular ITIL has become, do a search on any of your favorite job sites for the phrase 'ITIL' or 'ITIL Expert'.

Woman-With-Certificate-IntroTo demonstrate individual expertise in ITIL, a certification path has been defined and is recognized throughout the industry. While ITIL is officially owned by the Commerce Office of the United Kingdom, the certifications are managed through the APM Group. The APM group has established a certification scheme that demonstrates expertise in the various areas of ITIL. This certification scheme was introduced with ITIL v3 and persists today.  The scheme is based on achieving credits for each exam successfully completed to acquire enough credits to achieve the ITIL Expert certification.

Business-People-Discuss-Idea-IntroWhen people first learn of ITIL, they are surprised to learn that ITIL has been around since the 1980's. The first version of ITIL was developed by the British government in 1986 based on IBM's "yellow books". This first version of ITIL outlined the processes that IT organizations within the British government should consider when managing technology resources.

One of the questions I commonly get when I am out is "What is ITIL?" There are a lot of different answers to this question depending on who is asking. The answer that I tend to rely on consistently is that the IT Infrastructure Library is a framework for managing IT as a service provider instead of just as a bunch of technology.