Pass ITIL Foundation the first time!

Ensure your success on the ITIL® 2011 (aka v3) Foundation exam with these 100 exam questions with detailed rationale and BONUS sample exam. Each and every question closely resemble the types and format of questions you will experience on your exam. 

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or get it for free in our "Exam Resources" downloads section.

This representative sample of questions covers definitions and terms, process activities and relationships, key concepts and questions from other topics that you will see on your exam.

This must-have book of exam questions will help you prepare for the ITIL® Foundation exam. Written by an ITIL® Expert instructor, the questions within follow the same topic areas as the ITIL® Foundation exam.

The ITIL® Foundation syllabus outlines each of the required knowledge areas to be successful on the exam. Of the 40 questions on the ITIL® Foundations exam, the general distribution is from the following topic areas:

  • Service Management as a Practice - 3 questions
  • The ITIL Service Lifecycle - 5 questions
  • Generic Concepts and Definitions - 6 questions
  • Key Principles and Model - 4 questions
  • Processes - 18 questions
  • Functions - 2 questions
  • Roles - 1 question
  • Technology and Architecture - 1 question

While there are no "trick" questions on the exam, there are many ways to ask a question. Learn about the question formats and be prepared.

Make your first attempt the one that matters!

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